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Baron Terra Alta Red

Baron Terra Alta Red

D.O. Terra Alta
Quality: Red wine
Grapes: Red garnacha
Alcohol: 13% vol.

Tasting note: Cherry red wine sparkly. Aromatic expression floral and red fruit, with balsamic details. In mouth it is easy to drink, sweet, fresh and fruity.

For any occasion, ideal with appetizers, with meat, rice and cheeses Serve between 13 and 15ºC. The Garnacha is the great bet of the Terra Alta, exceeding 40% of the production of this DO, with white grenache being the star variety. One third of the world production of white grenache is born in this region. The winds cerç and garbí comb the Terra Alta favoring the ripening of the grapes, refreshing them during the hot summer and preventing diseases. The vineyards grow in irregular terraces on a mostly calcareous soil and poor in matter organic. The climate is Mediterranean with continental influences.

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