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Baron Catalunya White

Baron Catalunya White

D.O. Catalunya
Quality: White wine
Grapes: Maccabee
Alcohol: 11% vol.

Tasting note: Vino blanco joven, fresco y afrutado. En nariz nos recuerda a los cítricos, la manzana y la pera. En boca destaca por su frescura y el buen equilibrio entre la acidez y la dulzura.

We recommend taking it as an appataizer, with all kinds of starters, fish, pasta and white meats. Highly recommended to serve as wine to glasses Serve between 6ºC and 8ºC. Catalonia is known for its vitality, its vibrant creativity and, of course, for its wonderful sunny weather. Catalonia is south of the border French, next to the Mediterranean Sea.

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